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Our Expertise

Transportation & Distribution:

Being the pioneer in the Transportation & Distribution recruiting industry, we makes it easier to get Transportation & Distribution done, deploying the right people, the right way to achieve business target. We identify the highly qualified talent for key positions with our client’s organization that are typically difficult to fill, are urgent in nature or require a unique and rare combination of skill and experience. We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labours to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. We are the expertise agency to provide manpower in our sponsorship to reduce the worries.

In the transportation and distribution industries, the right products need to be delivered to the right places, at the right times, in the correct quantities – without damage. We know the demands of the operation, the speed at which things need to happen, and how to protect and package products so customer expectations are met. To optimize business growth, you need industry-specific insights that help ensure your marketing and risk management programs deliver pinpointed results that support your investment.


Automobile industry is a leading industry in India. We provide manpower for the following departments: Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, IT, HR, Admin & Training, Senior Management.

We help auto companies generate more value for their customers, increase their potential with new business models, innovate and optimize products and operations, and develop their brands. We support suppliers with strategic problem solving and innovation, development, and cost-cutting programs. Our broad experience allows us to also support wholesalers, car importers, and service providers, as well as private equity companies and investment banks in the auto industry.


Our digital strategy team will provide chemical industry knowledge and functional expertise in digital customer management, business model generation, process optimization and technology to recruitment as well as development of talent and people management services.

We have developed a scalable approach to assess the status of digital activities in your company, to evaluate digital options of today and tomorrow, and to guide you from digital vision to strategy.