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Our Expertise

Understand the recruitment and selection processes in every sector is the key feature of Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. Explain the impact on selection and recruitment processes, in own setting, legislative requirements regulatory requirements professional codes agreed ways of working. The level of active participation and involvement will be determined by the individuals themselves with support from their current support staff and manager. The right person for the job will be recruited, ensuring they best fit the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise and qualifications as set out in the person specification according to requirements.

Analyse how serious case reviews and inquiries have contributed to the establishment of policies and procedures within recruitment which safeguard vulnerable company, employees and an organization. We are specialist in these fields:

Supply chain & Logistics:

We have the largest concentration of business process and application consultants exclusively focused in this area of supply chain management with all type of applications in the globe. With this depth and breadth of knowledge we can ensure that you get the most out of your supply chain management. Across the Country, Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd have helped our clients streamline their logistics management processes and better serve their own customers, thanks to our incredible

Project Logistics:

Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. Logistics Industrial Projects services cover a wide range of sectors, from Oil & Gas to Mining, from Power to Petrochemicals, and more. Whatever their scale or scope, all projects deserve cutting-edge resources and the latest expertise. This is particularly true for major projects where the delivery of oversized and heavy shipments requires complex logistics planning.

Our screening process results in various benefits to our clients. It saves both time and cost of preparing advertisements, accessing applications, dispatching call letters, conducting interviews and validating references. Thus, leaving the client with more time for his business growth. Offering deep domain expertise in Logistics & Supply Chain Industries, Manufacturing, Electricals, Automobiles and FMCG.

Courier & Cargo:

We help clients with the recruitment as well as development of talent and people management practices. We have a proven track record in identifying top and middle management candidates for many start-up companies in courier & cargo industry. To meet the sector requirements, Aim has a specialised team of industry experts who focus on the manpower requirements of the Courier & Cargo sector for India and the Asia Pacific region. We have the required experience as well as network to assist clients in getting the right candidates.

Logistic services are reliable in which it permits you to go with right business enterprises to develop it. However, this provides excellent packaging and delivery services to reach the destination of the customers. Of course, our Domestic logistics services companies in India offer cost friendly and prompt in delivery and promise convenience for the people. Aim is India’s premier, dependable expert Courier & cargo service provider for many industries. Grow your business for our nationwide network, On Time delivery commitments, Zero percent pilferage and shortage.