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About us

In today's agile and ever-changing business environment, it's really important to understand the client current needs of business while providing him with the quality resources for his Line Of Business. We at Aim MultiSkills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. adopt a comprehensive yet tiered approach to provide complete recruitment services to our clients.

Aim lives by the culture that every individual’s performance enhancement in every sphere of training and maximizing the potential of every youth for sustainable livelihood. We believe in making a difference through direct involvement with clients for their comprehensive growth, building credibility in the Indian market. Our working style emphasizes teamwork, balancing challenges with capabilities to create repeatable results.

At Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. the selection techniques are aligned to our client needs. The relevant candidates are accessed for their academic qualifications, work experience, work history & suitability before being forwarded to our client. Periodic checks are made on candidates whose experience levels are relevant to the qualifications.

Our screening process results in various benefits to our clients. It saves both time and cost of preparing advertisements, accessing applications, dispatching call letters, conducting interviews and validating references. Thus, leaving the client with more time for his business growth. Offering deep domain expertise in Logistics & Supply Chain Industries, Manufacturing, Electricals, Automobiles and FMCG.


Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. is a firm of experts providing professional advice to an organization or an individual for a fee. The primary purpose of a consulting firm is to provide access to industry specific specialists and subject matter expertise. Aim's primary goal is to advance our clients' ability to increase productivity, lower costs and improve their competitiveness.