Aim provides best services in the industry in the field of Training and skill development, Vocational Training, Capacity Development, Research Support etc.

Our Services

Background Checks:

(A). Address Verification

Residential Address Verification is done through a physical site visit or database check. Our field staff visits the addresses of the candidates as requested by employer.

(B). Criminal Checks

This check involves search for records of any charges against the applicant/candidate in the court of Jurisdiction (Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Tribunals etc.) to check for any cases against the candidate.

(C). Past Employment

Factual and performance related data of previous employments is critical for any employer before hiring a resource. Information contained in resume/at the time of interview is used to hire a candidate. Once an offer is placed, and a background screening request is placed a candidate has to submit a verification form along with necessary documents. These information are validated by the previous employer.

(D). Education Check

Education check involves verifying the authenticity of candidate’s educational & professional qualifications from the respective colleges/institutes/universities. Employers today are looking for the best resource in the market, thus it is imperative for any employer to hire genuine candidates with valid education and authentic degrees. We cover all types of courses and certifications offered within INDIA and abroad.

Practical Training:

Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. provides certain training to the candidates which are as follows:-
1) Soft Skill Training
2) Personality Development Classes
3) Mock Interview Preparation
4) Resume Preparation
5) Presentation Skills

Plant Recruitment Outsourcing:

If any our client is establishing a plant at any location in India. In starting it requires the candidates which have the specific skill set . We have a specific team of Technical Recruiters who have deep understanding of the technical requirements and can provide him the quality resources from Ground Level To Higher Management Level Even client.