Aim provides best services in the industry in the field of Training and skill development, Vocational Training, Capacity Development, Research Support etc.

Our Services

Flex Staffing:

We outsource manpower to our clients from our internal resources, Talent acquisition and link-ups in Industry. This makes Aim Multiskills Jobs Pvt. Ltd. unique and a robust one in terms of outsourcing and Client management.

Performance Evaluation:

Our endless staffing process enable us to analyze Individual performance constantly to ensure reliable customer services. Above all we have a division of skilled and well-qualified HR professionals to supervise Outsourced Manpower. Aim Multiskills designs the following:-
1. HR Policies & HR processes
2. Recruitment Process
3. JD & KRA Establishment
4. Retention Strategy Management
5. Performance Management
6. Industrial Connections Arbitration
7. HR Data Mining
8. HR Audit